Fresno Man Allegedly Kills Stepfather and Shoots Mother, Two Women, Baby, and Dog

FRESNO, Calif. -  

We're learning more about the man accused of shooting four people and a baby on Friday night near Villa and Huntington Avenues in Southeast Fresno.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office said 26-year old Kyle Holaday allegedly shot his mother, and shot and *killed* his step-father. The stepfather has been identified as 60-year old James Willcoxson. Holaday is also accused of shooting two of his mother's 28-year old friends, and one of the friend's five-month old baby girl. Holaday's mom remains in stable condition, one of the female friends is in critical but stable condition, and the other woman and her baby have been released from the hospital. The baby's ear was grazed by a bullet.

Tony Botti, the public information officer for the FCSO said, "For no reason, he started to open fire inside the home, so you can imagine that, you know, people in that tight of confines just start opening fire, it's very easy to strike multiple people."

Investigators are also trying to figure out a motive and how the shooting transpired.

"Our detectives are conducting their interviews. They'll hope to get a better framework of what went on in this house, not just yesterday, but looking back, was there any tension building? That sort of thing," stated Botti.

Holaday is accused of running from the crime scene, and then he got hit by a car about a half mile away. Cell phone video shows Fresno Police finally arresting him as he laid injured in the street. Holaday remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Holaday has been electronically booked into the Fresno County Jail, but will continue to receive medical care at the hospital. He faces murder, attempted murder, and animal cruelty charges.

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