Fresno house fire displaces family of three and two dogs

Blaze started in the garage, which was turned into a bedroom

Fresno, Calif. - A Fresno family and their two dogs were burned out of their home Monday.

It happened at the 600 block of Geary Street.

Two people who are brothers were inside the house when it caught on fire, the oldest went to the hospital and the younger brother who is 22 years old escaped the flames without injuries.

The younger brother did not want to be identified, but says he was in room relaxing when he heard is older brother scream.

"We tried to put out the fire, then all of sudden I saw the smoke going up even more. I just saw nothing but smog inside the house," says the younger brother.

When he and his brother realized they couldn't put the fire out, they ran out of the house.

"The older brother in his late 30s, he did suffer or sustain minor injuries to his right arm and minor smoke inhalation injuries," says Hector Vasquez, public information officer with the Fresno Fire Department. 

Authorities say the fire started from an electrical charging cable in the garage.

"That garage was converted into a living space. It looks like two bedrooms were converted from a garage," says Vasquez.

Vasquez says the house is currently uninhabitable.

"There is pretty extensive damage to the structure, PG&E has cut off utilities so these people will be displaced," says Vasquez.

The younger brother says although they are fortunate enough to have family who will take them in, he is still shocked that his house went up in flames.

"The feeling is kind of numb," says the younger brother.

Fire officials say there were no working smoke detectors in the house; they also say residents should take the time to check and make sure the smoke detectors in their homes are properly working.

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