Fresno girl trick or treats with service dog through incurable disease

Skylar MacFiggen's superhero dream came to life on Halloween

FRESNO, Calif. - A young Fresno girl who's been battling an incurable disease all her life, got a treat many may take for granted on Halloween.

Skylar MacFiggen barely gets to leave her house. She spends most of her time in the hospital. For the 13-year-old, the real treat Tuesday night was feeling like a normal kid.

There's a story behind the Halloween costume. Leading the cape is a girl with the heart of a super hero. 13-year-old Skylar MacFiggen has been living with mitochondrial disease since she was five. Her body can't produce enough energy to sustain her life. At age four, Skylar lost her large intestine.

"Then about two years ago she lost most of the use of her small intestine so she eats through a metaport that surgically implanted into her chest," said her mother Tracy.

Skylar also stopped going to school two years ago. It's hard for her to walk for long periods of time and she rarely gets outdoors. But with every obstacle Skylar takes on, her service dog Yaston has been there to help.

"He's her sidekick," said Tracy.

So a friend of the MacFiggen family drew this picture of Skylar and Yaston. Superhero and sidekick.

"Last year alone, we spent seven months in the hospital and she was thrilled when Dean sent us the picture and it kind of just grew from there," said Tracy.

Another friend made the picture a reality, creating real-life costumes for Skylar and Yaston to wear this Halloween. Joined by friends, the dynamic duo makes its way through the neighborhood, collecting candy Skyler can only taste. She says she's hungry for a normal life.

"Cause I want to be healthy again and be able to eat and go to school," said Skylar.

Wearing an "S" on her chest, Super Skylar and Yaston go to the next house grateful for this Halloween.

"I'm happy we can go out and trick or treat," said Skylar.

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