Fresno first city in nation to set zoning standards for Tiny Houses as second dwellings

Tiny houses becoming popular and leading way in Fresno

Fresno, Calif. - Most people dream of owning a big house one day, but a trend that's slowly gaining ground is to own a Tiny House.

It's a home so small it can fit in someone's back yard.

Fresno is the first city in the nation to set code standards to allow these type of living spaces in local communities.

At a press conference, Thursday, a model home was on display.

It sits about 13-feet high, weighs 11,500 pounds and is only 270 square feet.

"I think it's a great way to have a cool place I mean look at it its beautiful," said Nicole Gregory who toured the Tiny House.

Gregory says she doesn't mind tight quarters.

She lives in a condo with her husband and says this may be a better alternative.

"I like the idea of not having clutter in your life," said Gregory. "you can move where ever you decide to go, if you get a new job you can just drive it away and park it where ever you want to live."

Thanks to new zoning changes in Fresno, you can now park it in your backyard and use it as a second living space, which, according to the mayor is a big deal.

"We are the first city in the nation to actually write into its development code the authorization for tiny homes," said Ashley Swearengin, Mayor of Fresno.

The tiny house must be registered with the DMV because it sits on a trailer.

It has to be between 100 and 400 square feet.

It can be used as a second living on space in the back of a home that sits on a property of at least 6,200 square feet.

You can rent it out, and you can only have one in your backyard.

Tiny homes are fully functional with a shower, washer and dryer, full kitchen and some are even two stories.

"The difference between this and a mobile home is this is built like a custom house," said Nick Mosely, owner of California Tiny House.

The company is family owned, local, and Mosely is partner in the business with his father.

They build the houses and contract people to ship them out anywhere in the country.

"A travel trailer has no insulation and is meant to be pulled to the coast and back for the weekend, this is something you pull and plant," said Mosely

It take up to six weeks to build, and starts at $45,000, which is a tempting price to Nicole.

"If we sold the condo and got one of these i'd love it," she said.

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