Fresno County Sheriffs searches for owner of military medals

Victor Alonzo a deputy with Fresno County Sheriff's Department said he never imagined that while helping a stranded motorist on the corner of Clovis and American Ave. in Selma.
He would recover seven civil war medals and pins.
"The parties relinquished the medals when I asked him where did he find them he mentioned that he had gone dumpster diving because of the medals being so old I knew possible the owner would want them back," said Alonzo.
Bob Specht director of the Veterans Memorial Museum in Fresno said being awarded one of these medals  doesn't come easy.
"They saved someone's life or saved equipment or done miraculous things above and beyond the call of duty," said Specht.
Navy and air force veteran Patrick Betzel said although these items might sell for a couple of bucks online, the significance behind them is priceless.
"Little things like patches, coins, medals, are one the things that I like to keep around with me because we can go back to certain times in our career and remember where this coin or medal came from," concluded Betzel.

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