Fresno, Clovis Unified Schools Provide Alternatives to Wednesday Walkouts

Fresno, Clovis Unified Schools Provide Alternatives to Wednesday Walkouts

FRESNO - FRESNO, Calif. -- School walkouts are planned all over the country on Wednesday.

Students are protesting gun violence, one month after the parkland school shooting in Florida.

 "We think we want to be disruptive," said Zofia Trexler, University High School

 Zofia Trexler, a University High School student and walk out organizer, says it is time to get the message out.

"We think things like Sandy Hook have gone on too long," said Trexler.

She says at 10 a.m. students will walk out of class and stand in the courtyard for 17 minutes, to honor the lives lost in the Parkland shooting.

These walkouts are what Clovis Unified has been preparing for with their students.

"We want to make sure our kids are safe and they would be looking at consequences," said Kelly Avants, Chief Communications officer with Clovis Unified School District.

They are offering alternatives for students to discuss the issues of gun violence, on campus.

Including in class lessons, holding assemblies for remembrance and others.

"Our hope is that the students own responsibility for their own campus environment," said Avants.

Fresno Unified is taking a similar approach.

"Students want to be heard, they want to be heard by their peers and teachers," said Miguel Arias, Chief information Officer for Fresno Unified.

The school district staff and students have come up with options in school for Wednesday. Including moments of silence, and creating memorials.

"We are proud our students have stepped up so their voices are heard," said Arias.

Trexler at University High, says it's in the students hands now to make a difference.

Police Chief Dyer also released a statement on the walkouts.

He says officers will not be diverted from normal duties to round up students who leave school. If they do leave and involve themselves in criminal activity, officers will respond accordingly.


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