Fresno city council to increase fines for illegal dumping

FRESNO, California - Fresno city officials say the illegal dumping of trash is getting out of control and now people who do it can expect bigger fines. The city council voted unanimously to double the fines and possibly even take away a violator's vehicle.

First-time offenders will have to pay $1,000. A second offense will cost $1,500 and a third offense will cost $3,000. Council members say they are also exploring methods to clean up the city streets.

"We're going to proceed and continue to put up cameras in areas where we have a problem with illegal dumping and hope that those can be a deterrent if not maybe those cameras can help us catch those people who do this," said Fresno city council member Clint Olivier. 

Council member Clint Olivier says illegal dumping is worse in older neighborhoods, that are being renovated or  under construction.

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