Fresno City Council-member opposes making California Sanctuary State

Brandau to propose an anti sanctaury state resolution

Fresno, Calif -

Bad news could be on the horizon for undocumented immigrants.

A Fresno city council-member is taking a stance against a bill that would make California a Sanctuary State.

Steve Brandau is putting a resolution before city council to oppose Senate Bill 54.

SB54 also known as the California Values Sct would prevent state and local agencies from using resources for immigration enforcement.

Immigrant Activist Samuel Molina with Mi Familia Vota says at the core of SB54 is trust.

Trust between the undocumented immigrant community and law enforcement.

"They need to feel that they can go to their local police department and report crimes that are happening against them. They shouldn't have to go back into the shadows and be afraid that instead of attacking the crime officers will instead talk to them about their immigration status," said Molina.

Brandau says the President has made it clear that any municipality that makes itself a sanctaury city or state could lose federal funding.

He says that's a risk Fresno can't afford to take and why he's proposing his Anti-SB54 resolution Thursday.

"I just don't want to see a war start between the state of California and the Federal Government," said Brandau

Brandau says if the president keeps his promise, Fresnans will lose millions of dollars that fund education, infrastructure and police.

"People in Sacramento want to make a statement and I get it, they don't like Donald Trump I can understand that, but, to put all of those things at jeopardy to just to make a political statement doesn't work for me," said Brandau.

Molina says Trump will never be able to take away federal funding and get away with it.

"We understand where Brandau is coming from however there have been cases already stating that Trump's actions to try and deny federal funding to states and local municipalities is a violation of the constitution," said Molina.

Click here to see Brandau's resolution.

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