Fresno 4-Year Old Needs Community's Help

Specialized Therapy Required For Little Andre Carson

We have an update on a story we've been following for months now. 4-year old Andre Carson of Fresno has a life threatening health condition that's caused brain lesions and inflammation.  Andre is one of the first African Americans in the nation to be diagnosed with the condition.

Before the disease hit Andre was an active little boy, but now he is unable even to walk or remain upright.  

His family is hoping he can receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy that could help speed his recovery.  All of that treatment is very costly, and there is a fundraiser underway to help. If you purchase a Team Andre candle from the Omelia Candle Studio on ETSY, $4 from each sale will go directly to Andre's medical care. The family says every dollar helps.

You can purchase the candles at:

Once at the website simply scroll down to #TEAMANDREcandles.

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