Four arrested at University Inn

FRESNO, California - Fresno Police put gang members behind bars Tuesday.

The arrests happened at University Inn on Shaw Avenue across from Fresno State.

University Inn is where an officer-involved shooting happened last week.

That shooting is the reason why police proactively patrolled this area at the University Inn leading to four arrests.

Detectives say they found a large amount of drugs including meth, xanax and soma in their car.

They say one suspect had a gun on him.

One man and one woman in their 20s are confirmed Bulldog gang members, and the driver is a 46-year-old woman who was trying to rent a room here.

Police say they want people here to feel safe in the aftermath of last week's violence.

“I think the best thing to do after that is have a high presence of police,” Fresno Police Sgt. James Rossetti said. “Number one for the fear factor. Number two, is address the issues that are at that location so we don't have a secondary type of situation.”

Rossetti says extra patrols will continue to frequent the area.

Police say there are no leads on two suspects involved in last week's shooting University Inn.

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