Former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster on trial

High ranking cop accused of drug trafficking

Fresno, Calif. - Fresno's former deputy police chief, Keith Foster is back in court.

Jury selection is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Foster is charged with drug trafficking.

He was arrested in 2015.  

One legal analyst says both the feds and Foster's attorney will have quite the fight ahead them.

Federal investigators say Foster was involved in three different plans to distribute heroin, oxycodone and

marijuana, while serving as the second highest ranking officer on Fresno's police force.

Legal analyst Charles Magill says as far as the feds go, they will try to prove one key point in this case.

"That he was making money off the sales of marijuana and the other narcotics that others were arrested with,"

Magill said.

If convicted, foster could face several years in prison.

Check back here for updates, as the trial continues to unfold.

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