Flood insurance costly for residents living closer to water

Residents in the area of Kings River Country Club clean up flood aftermath

KINGSBURG, Calif. - In the aftermath of the Kings River flooding, mandatory evacuations in the area of the Kings River Golf and Country Club are now downgraded to voluntary evacuations. The advisory covers the areas of Avenue 393 to Avenue 408 and Road 28 to Road 33. The Pine Flat Dam is 99 percent full and more flooding could be on the way.

Three days after the Kings River invaded Doreen Dalby's home, she's finally making headway and cleaning up what she can. A humidifier and fans dry out what's left of her garage. Dalby documented what her neighborhood looked like moments before two levees broke and the flooded aftermath.

"Pretty soon that water hit that sand trap and it just filled like Niagara Falls and at that point we ran," said Dalby.

Causing mandatory evacuations for 90 homes in the area as the Kings River Golf and Country Club transformed into a swamp. Dalby says about a thousand sand bags are left around her property, ready for another potential flood.

"If it does it again, we're prepared to 18 inches high but that's it," said Dalby.

Ben Carlson sells flood insurance. He says more calls for quotes have come since a stormy winter hit the Valley.

"People do seem to think about it more in a year where they think the risk is greater," said Carlson.

Carlson says one reason residents choose not to buy flood insurance is high pricing, determined by flood zones.

"What somebody in a low lying area or a higher risk area would have to deal with would obviously be an increased premium," said Carlson.

Dalby isn't insured and says in her ten years owning her home, she didn't predict any flooding. She thinks the current damage could cost her the same amount as ten years of premiums and a deductible.

"I don't know how much it's going to cost to get all this stuff repaired and I'm not complaining. I feel like we've been very fortunate because it could have been a lot worse and nobody got hurt," said Dalby.

Dalby's daughter actually lives at the Riverland Resort in Kingsburg. A mandatory evacuation remains for that area.

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