First Case of Canine Influenza Reported in Fresno, Owner Urges Others to Vaccinate

Fresno - FRESNO, Calif. -- The first case of canine influenza has been reported in Fresno County.

Bailey the 2 year old boxer is the dog that contracted it. 

"It's really bad because we can't do anything for her," said Ashley Ebinezer, Bailey's owner. 

Ashley Ebenezer, Bailey's owner said she started sneezing on Saturday and each day her symptoms got worse.

Bailey came down with a fever, started vomiting and hasn't been able to eat or hold down any fluids.

"My biggest fear is that she at what point does her reserve run out," said Ebenezer. 

 On Tuesday night, veterinarians at Pet Medical Spa diagnosed her with the H3N2 strain.
    Ashley said Bailey goes to several day cares around town but doesn't know how she contracted it.
"She is much more sick than a typical kennel cough or upper respiratory type of pet," said LeeAnn DuMars, said veterinarian at Pet Medical Center.

Veterinarian LeeAnn DuMars with Pet Medical Spa said this strain is highly contagious and can spread by coughing, barking through leashes, collars, clothes and food bowls.

DuMars said the best way to prevent it is by getting your dog vaccinated. 

"It is pretty darn effective at least in minimizing symptoms," said DuMars. The vaccine is a two part series and takes about 3 to 4 weeks to kick in.

Now dog owners say they will be heading to the vet sooner than later.
 "I got the flu vaccination so I should get it for my dog," said Ashley Vleck. 

"1:20:01 "I hope my dog doesn't get it," said Monica Voth.

Ashley is hoping for a quick recovery for Bailey.

Veterinarians are hoping this will be an isolated case. They have already vaccinated 75 dogs and are hoping more will come in. 


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