Fire Destroys A Fresno Commercial Building

Fire Destroys A Fresno Commercial Building

FRESNO, Calif. -- A large fire completely destroyed a commercial building in Fresno on Monday.

Fire crews were called to the 4700 block of North First Street just after 6 p.m. Firefighters worked to make sure it didn't spread to other businesses.

No one was hurt. 

"It was massive, it was massive," said Jesse Islas, neighbor.

"I was terrified. I didn't know if people were in there," said Joshua Moffa, neighbor.

Fire crews fought the flames with their water pipes that release 1,500 gallons a minute.

Fire crews said there was no safe way to handle the fire because it was so large.
"It was already gone when we showed up. Our goal was to make sure this didn't effect any other businesses," said Kirk Wanless, Fire Battalion Chief, city of Fresno.

Many neighbors said the wall of flames kept growing and the sounds were alarming.

"When I came outside the building imploded and I saw flames go up," said Steven Martinez, neighbor.

"You could hear crackling and all the sparks flying," said Islas.

They were happy to hear no one was hurt.

"As long as there were no injuries that's what I was scared about," said Martinez.

Fire crews said they are trying to determine the cause. They are also trying to figure out what businesses were inside the building.

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