Fight breaks out on plane in Burbank

BURBANK - Video is now surfacing of a fight that broke out on a Southwest Airlines flight Sunday. 
A brawl started out as the plane is unloading in Burbank. Screams can be heard in the video as one woman shouts, "What's wrong with you?" 
A victim says the whole incident began when a man turned around in his seat during the flight and made a comment about the woman seated behind him "messing with his chair." 
One witness who shot video of the encounter says a flight attendant did her best to break up the fight.
"I mean she was like the hero of the whole thing. she was the tinniest out of all of them and she just comes barreling down the aisle total chaos," Nick Krause said. 
Burbank Police arrested one of the passengers on suspicion of battery. Another passenger suffered a bruise and swelling of the left eye and a small cut on the left side of his nose. 

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