Felon fires seven rounds outside elementary school and tosses loaded gun, police say

27-year-old Donnie Hicks is behind bars after speeding away from officers

FRESNO, Calif. - A convicted felon tosses a loaded gun onto the street after firing seven rounds outside an elementary school in southeast Fresno.

Caution tape still lingers in front of Hidalgo Elementary School nearly 24 hours after police say Donnie Hicks fired seven rounds in the area of Fifth and Thomas Avenues.

"I was scared for my life. I ain't gonna lie. I was scared to death. It was just right there," said Shahara Hansbur.

Hansbur says she hit the floor once she saw the gunfire from her window just after midnight Tuesday. Police say when officers arrived, Hicks drove right past them before tossing a loaded nine millimeter out of his silver Nissan. The 27-year-old sped off into a nearby apartment complex on Clay Avenue where officers arrested him.

"I'm finna get out of this neighborhood because it's too much going on over here and I got six kids that love to play outside," said Hansbur.

Police say the recovered gun had a ten-round capacity magazine with two live rounds and one in the chamber. They believe evidence from the shooting is consistent with ammo inside the gun.

Shot spotter technology played back the seven gun shots allegedly fired by Hicks. Police say the weapon he left near a school, could have ended up in the wrong hands.

"It's dangerous obviously for the officers and the people living in the neighborhood where somebody's firing off a gun and certainly for somebody who can come along and find a loaded firearm," said Lieutenant Mark Hudson.

Danger -- this mother of six says she's determined to escape.

"So I'm still scared. I'm moving out of the neighborhood," said Hansbur.

Hicks is in custody at the Fresno County Jail. He's charged with multiple firearms violations.

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