FCSO awarded $1.8 million from federal government for major drug bust

Major drug bust earns FCSO $1.8 million reward from the feds

Fresno, Calif - The Fresno County Sheriffs Office was awarded $1.8 million from the federal government Friday morning.

They got the money as a reward for busting a major drug cartel.

Back in 2014 they put the criminals behind bars who were responsible for a $6.8 million drug operation officials say spanned from the eastcoast all the way to the Central Valley.

"In fact as it turned out it was an international drug ring we were able to take care of," said Margaret Mims, Sheriff.

The investigation began five years ago back in 2012, the deparment made the bust in 2014.

The reward money is part of the Department of Treasury's Asset Forfeiture program that allows law enforcement to use seized drug money to invest in their own department.

"I have absolutely no qualms about hitting the drug traffickers in their pocketbook," said Mims.

The drug seized was 24 tons of Smokeable Synthetic Cannabinoids.

"Sometimes its referred to on the street as Synthetic Marijuana," said Karen Escobar, Assistant U.S. Attorney

Mims says she already knows what she is going to spend it on.

"We are well on our way to make sure we have the funding to replace our second helicopter," said Mims.


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