FBI creates 3-D images of Kings County remains found 2 years ago

FBI creates 3-D images of Kings County remains found 2 years ago

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. - Asking for the public's help, the Kings County Sheriff's Department shared 3-D facial renderings belonging to remains found in Kings County. The remains were found back in May 2015 in the southern part of the county near the Kern and Tulare county lines.

When found, the remains were primarily skeleton and partially mummified. With no identifying characteristics, Kings County sheriff's detective Sam Weimer said the work to identify her has been extensive.

"I've reached out to all the surrounding counties," he said. "I comb through missing persons several times a week in an attempt to identify her."

The 3-D images were given to the department on May 17 this year. Before then, it was working on a sketch provided by the non-profit organization Can You Identify Me? from Dec. 2015. The sketch generated a number of leads, but none of them helped solve the case.

"We ran through what we believe were really close matches, but we've tracked them all down and ruled them out," said Weimer.

While the case is being treated as a homicide, accidental death isn't being ruled out either. The department said finder her name will help fill the gaps.

"We don't necessarily know that it was murder, but there could be other circumstances, which is what we're interested in finding out, too," said assistant sheriff Dave Putnam.

An examination by a forensic anthropologist found the Jane Doe is likely over 60-years-old, likely to be 5'0" to 5'6", and is either white or Hispanic.

Jane Doe's time of death is estimated to be sometime between May 2014 and April 2015.

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