Family shares update on wounded Fresno Co. correctional officer

Toamalama Scanlan was shot in the head in September as he worked in jail lobby

We are getting our first look at a wounded Fresno County correctional officer as he undergoes therapy at a facility in Texas.
Toamalama Scanlan was shot in the head in September when a gunman opened fire in the lobby of the Fresno County Jail. He is now at a rehabilitation facility in Houston, Texas.
Music therapy is part of the treatment that Toamalama Scanlan is receiving at a facility in Houston, Texas.where they specialize in brain injuries like Scanlan's.
His cousin, Jazmine, posted the video to Facebook to update family and supporters.
"He starts therapy sessions around 9AM and they go off and on for approximately every other hour til about 5pm so this is a full time job for Malama," Jazmine Scanlan said.
Malama Scanlan was shot in the back of the head by a gunman in September while working in the front lobby of the Fresno County Jail. Officer Juanita Davila was also wounded. She is out of the hospital.
Scanlan is looking at a very long recovery. 
"His injury was incredibly severe, very low survivability, so he's just kind of a miracle every single day," Jazmine said.
Jazmine Scanlan says the music therapy works on Malama's hearing.and sight to get the two senses to work together. You can hear the therapist encourage him to follow her with his eyes.
"And he's really overcoming, kind of, the extent of the injury. And kind of crushing all of our goals and expectations only a few weeks into the program," Jazmine said.
Scanlan is in his third week at the rehab facility.
Jazmine says Scanlan's wife fought to get him to the Houston facility to get the best care possible.
And he is responding.
"And there's no doubt with anyone in his family or anybody that's close to him, who knows him well enough, that he absolutely has that inner strength to fight," Jazmine said.
Scanlan's family says the support and prayers have made a difference.
They have set up a community Facebook page: Support for Toamalama Scanlan

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