Family and friends react to Fresno State student's death

Omar Nemeth's father wrote a personal message to Eyewitness news

FRESNO, Calif. - "It just destroys me to not be able to see Omar at 35 years old and have a conversation with him, you know? I was really looking forward to that," said Colby Serpa.

Best friends of a Fresno State student found unconscious at a fraternity house, remember the 19-year-old who is now dead.

Close friends react to the death of Omar Nemeth. Police say he died of an apparent drug overdose after visiting the Delta Sigma Phi house on Wednesday.

Miroku Nemeth also shared his thoughts as he mourns the loss of his son. He says he's still trying to process the tragedy. Omar's best friends say this investigation does not represent who Omar was as a person.

"I said 'later Omar' and he said 'I love you A-Rod' and then he said 'you got to say I love you to the people you love most because you never know when you're gonna see them again,'" said Alexander Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says he told Omar Nemeth he loved him too the last time he saw his best friend. Doctors at Saint Agnes pronounced Nemeth dead just after 2:30 P.M.. Wednesday. A littlemore than an hour after police say Nemeth's 15-year-old brother found him unconscious in a Delta Sigma Phi bedroom. Investigators say they discovered 583 Xanax pills in a bag belonging to the Fresno State sophomore. Chief Dyer says overdosing on those pills killed Nemeth but it's unknown how many the 19-year-old consumed starting Tuesday morning.

"But he took them all the way from 11 A.M. periodically throughout the day and there was interviews or at least information that he had continued to do that from 3 A.M. to 5 A.M. at the fraternity house," said Dyer.

Colby Serpa is another close friend of Nemeth and says the teen studied at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology through the end of high school. He says Nemeth researched herbal supplements that targeted biological receptors in order to alleviate pain without bringing on an addictive high.

"It's just ironic and so tragic that he was conquered by the very thing he was aiming to destroy globally," said Serpa.

Nemeth's father Miroku sent CBS 47 Eyewitness News reporter Justin Lum a personal message on Facebook. He says frat members did not do enough to save his son.

His message reads, "They instead tried to shift blame from the adults there from the fraternity who did not call 911 or take my dying or dead son to the hospital to my 15-year-old son, who was overwhelmed at 15 and did not know how to medically deal with the state his brother was in."

Chief Dyer says the 15-year-old asked the frat members not to call 911 because a friend was on the way to take Nemeth to the hospital. Miroku says his surviving son is traumatized.

"He hasn't spoken about it that much yet, but it is an unimaginably traumatic experience that no one should have to live through," said Nemeth's father.

Nemeth's father says his son loved making music, earned a second-degree black belt in the martial art Eskrima and cared about social justice. Friends say there was no one like him and his memory will always drive them.

"He was one of the most mysterious people I've ever encountered and I've known him for seven years practically," said Serpa.

"He was one of the smartest people I know. He taught me so much about being open minded and just having compassion," said Rodriguez.

Police say Nemeth's 17-year-old girlfriend was with him at the frat house until she left Wednesday morning. But Nemeth's father claims she and Omar's brother do not use drugs at all.

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