Eye On Ag: Women making their mark in the ag world

FOWLER, Calif. - A local woman is hoping to shine some light on women in agriculture. 


While the industry is often thought of as men as farmers, Monique Bienvenue, newly elected president of The California Women for Agriculture Fresno Chapter said ag is not just about getting your boots dirty.


"Our whole purpose, our whole message is really to push out the message of agriculturalist," said Bienvenue. 

Farmers, animals and crops are all extremely important to the ag world but, it's not the only component. From the business department to the packing house Bienvenue said women make up a large number in the agriculture industry. 
"Women do a vast majority of the jobs that are needed to keep the agriculture industry functioning, successfully," said Bienvenue.
Bienvenue said from accounting to marketing, there is a list of jobs in the ag industry that often get overlooked.
"We really are the liaison for a lot of what happens between the grower and the consumer," said Bienvenue.
Bienvenue is also the communications director for Bee Sweet Citrus in Fowler. The Southern California native's passion for horses led her on an unusual road to the Central Valley, where she studied Ag Communications at Fresno State.
"A lot of people don't realize that the Central Valley itself, we produce over 400 different commodities alone," said Bienvenue.
Bienvenue said there are more than 40,000 women working as farmers in California and said she's proud to be a part of it.
"California is one of the largest ag producing states in America and we not only provide for the state but we provide for the entire world," said Bienvenue.
Bienvenue said working for a company like Bee Sweet Citrus, is empowering and she wants to inspire more women to make their mark. Bienvenue said you do not have to be a farmer to get involved in the agriculture industry.
"We're really doing what we can to not only tie in the younger millennial generation but those that are a little older as well," said Bienvenue.
Link to California Women for Agriculture Fresno Chapter: 

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