Eye On Ag: Fresno State Summer Ag Camp

FRESNO, Calif. - Some high school students are spending their summer a little differently. Fresno State's Ag Department is hosting a two week Ag camp for 16 high school students, from Puerto Rico to right here in the Valley and they're learning all about the ag world.

It's the first time Fresno State's Ag Department has held this kind of camp, giving kids hands on experience dealing with livestock to food and plant science.

From lectures to field trips students received an up close look into what makes up California Agriculture.

"It is so exciting, we're learning everything there is times 10," Olivia Spooner, 16, said.

Spooner is visiting all the way from Georgia. She said she came here to learn about the wonderful world of California Ag from the place that knows it best, the Central Valley.  

"Olive oil is new, I've never been around olive trees and almonds, that's the number one thing here," Spooner said.

Spooner and the other students are working with livestock, learning about showing and equine. They learned about the various crops grown in California during lectures, even took a cooking class.

It's all part of the two week summer camp through the Ag Discovery program at Fresno State. Students were also taken on several field trips from Yosemite to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, going behind the scenes.

"We're introducing students to the sciences and the disciplines involved in agriculture, natural resources and the food industries," Avery Culbertson, Ag Discovery Director at Fresno State, said. "To all that we have to offer here whether it's what we produce, all the way down to the careers that we have."

Johnathan Rangel, a local Valley student from Parlier, said it's great to learn about California Ag, a passion of his, with his peers.

"What I plan to take with me is the different opportunities we have in Ag here in the Central Valley and hopefully someday to give back," Rangel said.

Fresno State's Ag Department said it hopes to bring back the camp every summer.

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