Emergency room visits on the rise for marijuana edibles related cases

FRESNO, California - Narcotics investigators and doctors say some 'sweet treats' are landing Fresno students, adults, and even toddlers in the hospital.

When it comes to marijuana edibles...emergency room visits are up. Many people who eat edibles are getting sick and being rushed to the hospital.  

Doctors say most people they see don't realize marijuana edibles can take up to two hours to kick in, causing them to eat too much.

"What will happen is they might eat some and then nothing happens and then they'll eat more and then they'll go overboard," said toxicology doctor Patil Armenian. 

Doctors say even though some edibles are making people sick, most people go to the hospital feeling paranoid. 

"Immediately it became a concern because we saw it was affecting the kids, some couldn't walk, some were unconscious," stated Sgt. Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department's Narcotics Divison.  

In many cases, students and children unknowingly ate marijuana edibles because it looked like brownies, cookies, or candy.

Tonight on Eyewitness News at 11pm, hear the eyewitness accounts on the potential dangers of marijuana edibles from a toxicologist and lead narcotics investigators. 

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