Fresno Co. Superintendent of Schools on "Education Matters"

Published 09/02 2014 09:16AM

Updated 09/02 2014 09:23AM

KSEE24 has teamed up with the Fresno County Office of Education for "Education Matters"-- segments highlighting great stories coming out of our schools. This morning on Sunrise, Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovino joined us to tell us more.

Jim Yovino: "With Educational Employees Credit Union, Granville and KSEE24 we're able to showcase our schools around this valley and, Carina, for a kid who grew up here, been part of Fresno all of my life I'm so proud of my community, but how do we tell our stories about our schools? And as I was sharing with you earlier these stories are being produced now and I'm even amazed and shocked at what I don't know. There are so many amazing teachers, so many great schools out there doing things for our kids that we can all be proud of and I'm just really looking forward to this partnership so folks in the community can say, 'hey Fresno has fantastic schools.'"

Carina: "I love it, I'm so excited for this, as well. One of the stories that we just did this morning is out of Kermit Koontz and basically taking some of the troubled kids who need more chances, kind of rehabilitating them in the classroom and then sending them back to their home schools and it's just an example of teachers just doing amazing things for our students who need a little extra help."

Yovino: "It is and one of the tasks at the Fresno County Office is we educate all of the kids at juvenile hall, expelled kids and formal probation kids, so Kermit Koontz is one of the programs I'm really proud of because it's one of ours. We have the most amazing staff. They know that these kids, sometimes all they need is an arm around their shoulders and a hug and tell them to get back on track and a lot of these kids have responded very well to our staff."

Carina: "Well, it's wonderful to see. We're so excited for this partnership. So the Education Matters stories air Monday night at 6 and then they re-air here on Sunrise so we're really excited about what's to come. You said you've seen a lot of these stories and they're going to be really good."

Yovino: "There are some good ones. The arts are fantastic and alive. And when you look at this county from Firebaugh to Coalinga to Reedley up to Sierra in the mountains you look at 32 school districts that encompass that area, the stories that the viewers are going to see they're going to be very excited about and then go out and talk about Fresno in a very proud way."

Carina: "Yes, lots to be proud of. We also want to talk quickly about September being Attendance Awareness Month. We all know how important it is for kids to be in school. They've got to be there to learn, what I thought was really interesting is building those habits in kindergarten. You don't really think about that when it comes to kindergartners and attendance. 

Yovino: "When you think of the achievement gap and we say we want every child reading on grade level by third grade. Well, if you think about a child missing 15-20 days of school starting in kindergarten by the time they've reached third grade they've missed three quarters of a year of school instruction that they could have had if they continue on that path. We, I want to make this simple, we can only help kids who are there everyday and we need them in school and it's good patterns that parents can teach their children about life. And in life you have to be at work at a certain time in the morning and you have to complete your day's work and going to school is no different. It's about being prepared and being ready to learn."

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