Dylan Noble's Family Attorneys React to Fresno Police Investigation

FRESNO, Calif. -
The attorney's for both Dylan Noble's mother and father both said on Friday that they are upset over Chief Jerry Dyer's comments made during his press conference. They said their son should have never been shot and none of the shots were justified.
During Friday morning's press conference, Dyer reccounted the moments before and during the June shooting. Dyer placed the blame for the shooting on Noble, but acknowledged the threat Noble posed had diminished after he'd been shot the third time.
The Chief said, "I hold our officers to a higher standard. As such, I have determined that the officer who fired the fourth and final round did not use the appropriate tactics in addressing the threat presented by Dylan Noble during that 14 second period between the third and fourth gunshots."
But Noble family attorneys Stuart Chandler and Warren Paboojian said lethal force should never have been used.
Paboojian said, "This was a traffic stop. And the officer had his gun out before he even stopped his patrol vehicle. That escalated the situation."
Chandler said Noble's mother, Veronica Nelson, is disappointed with the findings of the investigation.
"Disappointed in the fact that everything seems to point to try to put the blame on Dylan Noble, himself, and not accepting responsibility for the misconduct of the police department," stated Chandler.
Dyer said he can't talk about what type of discipline the officer who fired the fourth shot will face.
Legal analyst Charles Magill talked about the implications of the report.
He said, "That fourth shot is a pretty hard one to justify. I suspect that this is the case that is probably going to resolve in a resolution."
Attorneys for Noble's parents said the civil lawsuits were filed in state court, but the City of Fresno filed papers to have the cases moved to federal court. They said one of the first hearings will take place in February.

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