FRESNO, Calif. -   
   A closure in downtown Fresno.  Fitness 365, a 24-hour gym at the corner of Van Ness and Inyo is expected to close after it's owners filed for bankruptcy protection.  But downtown officials insist this is not a sign of things to come.
   " We're in a downtown that is in the very first stages of revitalization," says Craig Scharton, the Interim CEO of the Downtown Fresno Partnership.  He says a business closing is nothing to be concerned about.  Change is to be expected in Downtown Fresno.  "It's a little bit like the gold rush.  You're going to see a lot of new people coming in.  You're going to see some people change and adapt.  And you're going to see some people go out," Scharton says.
   Fitness 365 opened in 2016 on the ground floor of a building owned by the Fresno Housing Authority.  The Housing Authority released a statement saying the bankruptcy notice for Fitness 365 is disappointing and  "as a  downtown business owner, Fresno Housing believes our commercial space provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to contribute to a vibrant downtown."
  The gym's expected closure follows two other closures announced last month:  Casa De Tamales and Parsley Garden Restaurants. Both located on downtown's newly opened Fulton Street and both citing a lack of the necessary business to remain open. 
  Scharton says future businesses downtown should learn from the mistakes of others.  "When're you're an entrepreneur and I've been down that road, it is up to you to figure it out.  And so whoever comes in next can say let me look at what they did.  What would I do differently and then hit the ground running," Scharton says.
  Scharton says two new restaurants are slated to open this summer at the corner of Fulton and Mariposa:  The Chicken Shack and Toshiko Sushi and Ramen Bar.

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