Dreamer says FUSD new Resource Center 'gives me a lot of hope'

Fresno Unified opens dream center in Manchester Mall, DACA renewal deadline 10/5

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Unified is showing its support for local DACA recipients. Edison High School students had planned to walk out in protest after the DACA announcement.

But the district heard about it and found a solution. That solution is the new Dream Resource Center.

The district said they already had the center in the works. But on the heels of the president's announcement, the district said they wanted to let undocumented students know they stand with and support them.

Students say the opening of the center couldn't have come at a more crucial time in America

The unveiling of this Dream Resource Center in Manchester Mall was an emotional day for 17-year-old Fatima Gomez.

"It gives me a lot of hope," Gomez said.

Gomez said she was only two-years-old when she moved to America from Mexico. She says her time there is like a blur.

"We belong here, this is where our heart is and this is all we've know," Gomez said.

But Gomez said a sense of fear for undocumented students like herself is now front and center since President Trump made the announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy.

"When we heard the news I was very devastated because I think that I work hard and should be allowed to further my education and give back to my community," Gomez said.

Now with a place like the dream center opened by Fresno Unified School District, they say it's a first of its kind for students K-12. Board members said will not only help the thousands of students in the district and Central Valley but their families as well and it's all for free.

"Here they can come and receive counseling not just on immigration and re-applying for their DACA application but also receive services in regards to how to apply for scholarships for dreamers, how to apply for college, how to help their parents, friends, family members receive immigration services," Claudia Cazares, trustee, Fresno Unified School District, said.

Gomez said the support of her school and district is one step in the right direction on a very long journey. Gomez said she and her peers want to become doctors and teachers.

She said she just wants our government to know undocumented students are worth taking a chance on.

"Education is our priority, we will work hard and we won't disappoint them, we just want to become someone in their eyes," Gomez said.

Now, if your DACA is about to expire in six months you have until October 5, to renew it.

Wednesday night at a board meeting trustees will vote to adopt a resolution in support of the continuation of DACA and establishment of the Dream Resource Center.

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