Dozens of accidental deaths connected to push-button car ignitions

Cars create deadly exhaust when accidentally left on or turned on in garages

Fresno, Calif - Cars using buttons to turn on instead of keys have now led to dozens of accidental deaths.

The New York Times reports dozens of deaths when push-button ignition cars are accidentally left on or turned on in garages.

Car exhaust contains carbon monoxide. The invisible, odorless gas gets into homes and is deadly.

Many of cars will continue to run when the key is removed from a car that has not been shut off.  Often, the car beeps to alert the driver, but not always.

Groups like the Society of Automotive Engineers call for safety standards like alerts or automatic shut-offs. Many cars have such features, but they’re voluntary for automakers.

If the car is accidentally left on with the key inside, no beep or alert will sound.
Some new cars like hybrids are even silent when parked because they are running on batteries.
The engine will again engage minutes later when the batteries are drained, producing deadly exhaust.

The habit of locking your car every time you park could save your life because it makes you check that you didn’t leave your key in the car. The car will sound an alert if you try to lock it while it’s running.

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