Downtown march honors victims of shooting

FRESNO, Calif. - The faith community came together Tuesday night to honor the victims of a series of shootings earlier in the morning. Members of On Ramp Covenant Church canceled their scheduled bible study to march the streets of Downtown Fresno in prayer and song.

Peace and unity: two words church members say the City of Fresno needs as they walked from the doors of their Downtown church to the back gates of Catholic Charities where one of the victims was gunned down.

"The reality is, we are all grieving as a community and at some point you have to say this kind of tragic event doesn't have the final say of what the future of our neighborhood is," said On Ramps Covenant Church Co-Pastor Phil Skei.

"We hope that our presence will help to encourage people to discover peace and reconciliation," said On Ramp Covenant Church Member David Mark.

Lowell community member David Mendoza said he walked Tuesday night to show the progress Downtown Fresno has made in the recent years.

"This neighborhood is no longer the Devil's triangle. We have our problems, but you see this? This is community. We don't always agree, but one thing we agree on, is that we want peace," he said.

Mendoza said there's a call to action: to pray for not only the victims but the shooter.

"When you can come together to pray for the ones who passed away, but you can also pray for the one who did it and pray that he changes his ways, that's community," he said.

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