Does prayer work? This man says it does.

(KREX) MESA COUNTY, Colorado - Tony Nelson has been setting up along the side of Mesa County roads for years now -- parking his well-signed truck just off the highway.

He puts down the tailgate, takes a seat and patiently waits. What's he selling? Not a thing. What he is offering is free of charge and a form of paying it forward.

You see, Nelson is grateful to offer a little prayer to anybody who feels they want or need it. He waits, his sign beside the road his calling card -- and they come.

There has never been a time when somebody didn't need a little lift from one of Nelson's roadside missions. And that's how he knows prayer works.

Nelson and his 'Draw Nigh, Ministries - Prayer Works. He says just 'give me a call..." His phone number is 970-739-4333, and he has a Facebook page.

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