Do you like your driver's license photo? New bill may allow you to pick your picture

FRESNO, Calif. - Many in California would say they hate their driver's license photo, but what if there was an option to take it as many times as you like, until you're happy with it? One California State Senator is proposing the idea - with a fee attached.

Senator Josh Newman from Southern California has proposed SB 1407, otherwise known as the "Photo of Choice" bill. He describes it as a win-win. People could get the exact picture they want on their ID, and the money would go towards driver's education.

Newman said, "Most people, I'd say 80-percent of the people I've spoken to, men and women, have said, "Man, I hate my driver's license photo!" It occurred to me one day that people might pay a little bit more to get the, especially in the era of the selfie, and Instagram and Facebook, to get the driver's license photo they like."

The senator said the option at the DMV would cost between five to ten dollars. People could select from multiple photos taken of them. It's a bill of vanity, but Newman said the revenue generated would go towards a practical cause. It would go towards getting driver's education classes back into public schools for teen drivers.

Newman hopes the bill hits Governor Jerry Brown's desk by the end of the summer.

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