Do you know about the new gas tax? It's 12 cents per gallon, and it starts Wendesday.

If you drive a diesel vehicle, the tax is 20 cents per gallon

FRESNO, California - Starting Wednesday, gas will be 12 cents higher per gallon.

This spike has people rushing to the gas station to fill up and many say they are not happy about it.

Diesel is also going up 20 cents a gallon.

The money is supposed to generate $52 billion over the next 10 years to improve roads.

"This is probably the biggest one time pop we had," says Gary Maguire.

It is an increase that is even shocking the owner of the Chevron on Ventura and Cedar.

Gary Maguire's family has owned the gas station for over 50 years.

"Yesterday was a lot  more busy than a normal Monday and I expect today, this afternoon, to be busy too people gassing up trying to beat the hike."

He says he feels for his customers who use gasoline to make a living.

"Farmworkers and gardeners those guys are the biggest purchasers of fuel, gardeners they are going to feel it the most," says Maguire.

Down the road are higher license fees, a new value-based vehicle fee and a $100 a year fee for electric car drivers.

Maguire says he expects more people to  notice the spike after it goes into effect.

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