Designated exchange zones for online transactions

FRESNO, California - Looking for a safe place to complete an online transaction? Fresno police have set up multiple safe exchange zones throughout the city.

Exchange zones allow people to safely exchange items they either bought or are selling online.

The zones are located at policing districts and are monitored by video surveillance systems 24/7. Police hope it will deter criminal activity.  

Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the most commonly stolen items are phones, and every time a new iPhone comes out on the market, they see a spike in people selling phones.

He says within the past 28 days four phones have been stolen. But in overall, since exchange zones were added social media crimes have been down.

Police say when exchanging items with someone you don't know its best go with a friend, so you are not alone.

Here is a list of the exchange zones in Fresno: 

Northeast: Cedar and Teague 

Southeast: Cedar and Butler

Northwest: Dakota and Hughes

Southwest: Fresno and B Street

Central: Manchester Center 


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