Deadly Shooting At Bakersfield Casino

2nd Man Shot, Others Injured

One person is dead and more are injured after a shooting at a Bakersfield Casino early Friday evening.  It happened outside the Golden West Casino on Union Avenue at around 5:30.
police now have a person of interest in custody. That person has not been identified.
When police arrived on scene they found a deceased male at the Casino entrance. Another man was found wounded across the street.  Around a hundred people were inside the casino when at least a dozen shots were fired.  Some sustained minor injuries as they made a rush to get out of the building.  It's not something nearby residents are used to. " "I was sitting in my room and just heard gunshots a lot of them sometimes you hear firecrackers but these were gunshots" said one person who lives nearby.  Police say a gun and an undisclosed number of casings were found at the scene.  Neither the name of the deceased male or the other shooting victim has been released.  The motive for the shootings also remains a mystery at this point.

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