Customers flock to final sales after Herb Bauer announces closure

FRESNO, Calif. - A long time sporting goods store about to close it's doors after 68 years in business now has lines outside of them. On Monday Herb Bauer Sporting Goods announced it's closing. The store will be open with blow out sales for 90 days or until their inventory is gone -- whichever comes first.

All day Thursday their parking lot was packed with cars trying to find spots so they can get a bargain before the store closes for good.

The sporting goods store has built a name for itself in the Central Valley. 

"It's been huge. It's been the place to go for years and years and years," said Long-time Customer Gary Warner.

After the family-owned store announced it will close its doors -- customers flocked

Right now everything in the store is one sale starting at 5%-10% percent up to 30% percent. However, employees said the longer things are on the shelves, the larger the discount,and lower the prices. Everything must go.

"When I found out the store was closing I wanted to get ahold of John Lewis who runs the gun department," said Warner.

"I wanted to get in here and see what what going on," said Long-time Customer John Gustafson.

The walls of their store represent a family legacy, but Herb Bauer's son and Store President Barry Bauer said it's time to retire.

"As life goes on you spend time doing things you like to do and then you move on," said Bauer. 

He said keeping up with e-commerce and new gun laws put a dent in business.

"I had year-around sporting activities so I was able to bob and weave through the years but there are some financial implications here too," said Bauer.

Employees -- in shock but grateful.

"I worked along side Herb Bauer when he was here and really appreciated the knowledge taught me over the years. The team of people who work here are outstanding," said Lewis.

Bauer -- thankful.

"We are going to miss ya. (customers) We appreciate the support over the years. You keep coming back and we love you for that," he said.

Turner Outdoorsman will be soon moving into the space selling hunting and fishing supplies and transitioning most of the Herb Bauer employees.

Any Herb Bauer gift cards can be used until their inventory is gone.

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