CSU system bans tobacco on campus

That includes vaping, e-cigarettes

FRESNO, Calif. - Bulldog born, Bulldog bred and tobacco free as of September 1st, when a new CSU executive order changes Fresno State campus policy.

And it's not just on campus, it's also on campus-owned properties, like the Save Mart Center, and at Bulldog Stadium, raising questions about how the ban will be monitored at huge events like football games and concerts.

Travis Childress is a Fresno State student who smokes, depending on the day.

Childress says smokers, will smoke.

"A lot of them are going to find places to hide, because this is a big campus," Childress said. 

He also worries campus police could focus energy on citing smokers instead of arguably more important duties.

"Watching for people that are being harassed so to speak, whether that be physical or sexual, and it's going to take away from parking enforcement," Childress said. "It's going to detract from their abilities all in all." 

Dr. Vickie Krenz is a professor in the school's Department of Public Health and has been a tobacco prevention advocate the past almost 30 years.

Krenz says litter is already a problem, the issue, is student health. 

Things like students walking through second-hand smoke.

"Because now they're trying to get this breathing situation under control, and that really disrupts the learning process for them," Krenz said. 

Krenz own passion goes back to her childhood.

Her dad smoked heavily and died at age 44 because of it.

"A young women, or a young girl, really needs to have her father," Krenz said. "And I didn't have mine, because of cigarettes." 

Krenz says, smoking numbers have declined across the state the past few decades, but it's still her fight.

And she's not finished.

"Everybody can come here, study and enjoy our environment, without the threat of an exposure to secondhand smoke," Krenz said. "So, to me, that's a win."

Krenz says, University President Dr. Joseph Castro will create a task force to iron out the details of how this policy is actually enforced.

Other student smokers we spoke with say, they rule may create inconveniences for them, but they'll respect it. 

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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