Deadly Home Invasion in Fresno Co.

Published 08/07 2014 07:15PM

Updated 08/07 2014 11:45PM

Investigators tackled two crime scenes, one at a home near Orange and American where there was a shooting and kidnapping.  The second location was at Community Regional Medical Center where a car chase came to an end. 

Deputies heard a barrage of gunfire when they arrived at a South Fresno home around 4 a.m. Suspects posing as police officers trying to break in.

"Several subjects entered the house and some type of gun battle ensued with people that live at the house and entered the house," said Chris Curtice, Public Information Officer, Fresno Sheriff's Office.

The would-be home invaders made a break for it. Heading off in two different vehicles and two different directions and taking a 15-year-old girl with them as a hostage, a hostage investigators say was used as a human shield.  

The other pursuit reached speeds that's were so dangerous they had to backed off that pursuit. Deputies managed to follow one of the vehicles to Community Regional Medical Center where two were arrested and a mortally wounded suspect was found in the car.

"They took the two subjects out of the car at gunpoint one of the subjects told them there was a third subject in the back of the car and when they contacted him he had been shot, he was the victim with the gun shot wound, they immediately pulled him out of the car and started CPR and was taken by hospital staff," said Curtice. And that unidentified suspect was soon pronounced dead.

In one of those vehicles, the 15-year old girl who had been kidnapped was dropped off at Butler and Second, she is now with her family. Neighbors are in shock, one spoke to us on camera but chose not to be identified. "It's kind of crazy this happening so close to my house we just moved into the area and not having a good experience with it."

Back at the crime scene, another of the home invasion suspect had been shot in the driveway.  He was also taken to CRMC and later died.

Sheriff Margaret Mims say an illegal marijuana grow may have fueled the violence.

"Three marijuana grows at the residence and a large amount of cash which was recovered."

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