Couple arrested after standoff at northeast Fresno home

The arrested man also lead police on a chase

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Police cars filled the streets near Holland Avenue and Fresno Street Saturday night, as they tried to coax a man to surrender. The standoff took around an hour and a half, and was part of a chain of events that began in the parking lot of a Target.

The 911 calls first came in around 6:30 p.m. -- reports of a woman seen being forced into a black pickup truck outside of the Target on Shields Avenue and First Street. Fresno Police's helicopter found the pickup, which then began to lead authorities on a chase.

It lead them to a home by the 2500 block of Holland Avenue. Lt. Greg McKnight said the driver, Robert Granados, ran to the backyard of the home and kicked open the back door.

"He kept saying [to the residents], 'Hey, hide me, hide me, hide me,'" McKnight said. "He basically stayed in the house, basically cowered in the bedroom."

The woman reported in the 911 calls turned out to be Granados' girlfriend, Varelia Ojeda. Police detained her after locating her, according to McKnight.

McKnight added Granados and the family do know each other to some extent. During the standoff, people pleaded with police not to shoot Granados.

"The family [living in the home] said [Granados and Ojeda] have been sleeping in the driveway the past couple of days," he said.

Police worked to de-escalate the situation, even bringing Ojeda to the scene to try and get Granados out of the house. He eventually walked outside right into police custody after about an hour and a half.

A known gang member, according to McKnight, Granados and Ojeda both have felony warrants out of Stockton.

McKnight said things couldn't have turned out better.

"Everything turned out for the best. Nobody injured, nobody was kidnapped, and two crooks going to jail," he said.

Granados and Ojeda will be extradited to Stockton sometime in the near future.

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