County Election Ballot Results Flow In

FRESNO, Calif. -- The votes poured in on Tuesday evening for local County Elections.

In Fresno County tax measure C in the City of Coalinga did not pass. 53% of voters voted against it.

This measure asked for a 1% sales tax to fund police and fire protection in the city. Arguments in support say it would retain existing police and fire employees, which would create a safer community.

In Tulare County, there are two measures on the ballot for the City of Woodlake. Measure R adds a 1% sales tax.If it passes supporters said it will improve much needed city services. 67% of residents have voted in favor at this time.

The second is Measure S. This will add a general tax on cannabis businesses.

Supporters said the tax will maintain essential public safety and city services to residents. At this time 75% of residents have voted in favor of the tax.

The City of Farmersville has two measures on the ballot. The first is Measure P, this will add a .5% sales tax. City officials said it will improve needed city services. At this point in the polls, 60% of residents have voted in favor of the tax.

Measure Q is a cannabis tax. This will authorize a commercial cannabis business tax. 68% have voted in favor of the tax.

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