Could the government shutdown? How will it affect the Valley?

Dreamers hopeful senate democrats will fight to include DACA in budget

Fresno, Calif. - A government shut down could be on the horizon.
The house passed it's 4th stop gap measure Thursday to temporary fund the government, but senate democrats say they won't support any budget that doesn't protect dreamers.

DACA recipient Miguel Bibanco says he is happy to see his lawmakers standing up for him.

"I'm really curious and concerned and worried about what the future has in store for DACA recipients," says Bibanco.    

Bibanco says since the President ended DACA, dreamers have been in a state of limbo waiting for something to happen.

Bibanco says senate democrats fighting for the budget to include relief for dreamers gives him a re-newed hope.

"I'm really interested to see how things turn out and see how strong their stance is," says Bibanco.

Political Analyst Jim Verros says if the government shuts down, it will affect all Valley employees who work for the federal government.

"If you are defending the nation with some sort of weapon you will still be at your post, if you are at a desk maybe not," says Verros.

Verros says the post office will run on limited capacity, and social security checks will still be issued.

Verros says if republicans want to pass a budget without a DACA compromise they'd have to appeal to democrats in conservative districts.

"You need 60 votes and right now they only have 51. So who will the nine democrats be to allow the republicans to get their way?" says Verros.

Bibanco hopes senate democrats hold to their word.

"We can't just have a symbolic win where DACA recipients get something and we find out that their parents are left behind," says Bibanco.

If the government does shut down, the Spokesperson for Yosemite National Park says the front gates will still be open and people can just drive through the gates.

All hotels and most restaurants will still be open as well.

The visitors center and bathrooms will be closed.

The last time the park completely closed its gates was in 2013.

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