Could detained immigrants lose right to appeal for a bond?

Supreme court to re-hear Jennings vs Rodriguez immigration case

Fresno, Calif. -
Could detained immigrants lose their right to appeal their case?

The Supreme Court agreed to re-hear a case that if overturned could take away their right to have a bond hearing to challenge their imprisonment.

This all stemmed from the Rodriguez vs Jennings case.

Immigrant Alejandro Rodriguez was left in a California detention center for three years for a misdemeanor, his case made it to the 9th circuit court where they decided immigrants have the right to an appeal every six months.

The case went to the high court last year when they had eight justices, now that they have a ninth, they're re-hearing the case which could over turn immigrants right to a bond hearing.

"It has a devastating affect," said Santos Garcia, Immigrant Rights Activist.

Garcia says detaining an immigrant costs tax payers roughly 160 bucks a day.

"At this time there is over 81,000 cases pending," said Santos.

He says not giving detained immigrants the right to appeal for a bond will not only be costly, but is wrong.

"You are breaking up families," said Santos.

Immigration Attorney Lazaro Salazar says a detained immigrant could be away from their families for years without the right to appeal for a bond.

"We are years and years behind," said Salazar. "I have several cases that have been in the court system over five years. It's a little unusual, but, it happens enough that it's a problem.

Salazar says if the case is overturned it could backfire the President's plan to continue increase raids.

"You are gong to have detention centers reaching maximum capacity, which, now means further expenses on the government, perhaps building new facilities which is going to be even more of a burden on taxpayers," said Salazar.

Santos says the court system is too backed up to take away an immigrants right to appeal for a bond.

"People are going to be locked up, their children are not going to see them, their family is not going to see them, it's a bad situation all the way round," said Santos.

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