Costa Angered Over Turkish Embassy Attacks In DC

Demands Those Involved Be Held "Accountable"

Valley Congressman Jim Costa is joining a chorus of lawmakers outraged after Tuesday's apparent attacks of peaceful protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. Some had to be hospitalized, and many of those attacked were American Armenians and Kurds.  " They were among other groups that were there protesting in front of the Turkish embassy as American citizens had every right to make their views known and to have a security detail for the President of Turkey ,  I mean basically beat these people up, I use the term "Turkish thugs"  but I mean frankly that's what they were ", said the Democrat lawmaker from Fresno.

Costa went on to say " " Its against the law. And its un-american, and they ought to be held accountable".  Costa acknowledges Turkey is a valuable ally in the war on terror, but says that no former U.S. President has invited a Turkish President to the White House, primarily due to concerns over authoritarian rule and human rights violations.  Costa is not alone in his call to action. Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona said Thursday "

"We should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America,"

For Sevag Tateosian of the valley chapter of The Armenian National Committee Of America, the attack is more personal.  "That guy with the gash on his head that could have been me I was just so disappointed that in the united states this is the kind of behavior that happens at peaceful protests."  Tateosian says the subject of the Armenian Genocide 102 years ago has become taboo to even discuss in Turkey. "

" If anything what has happened is the country of turkey has gone backwards  and not allowed anyone to talk about the genocide in present day Turkey"



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