Corcoran to vote on sales tax increase Measure A

CORCORAN, Calif. - City of Corcoran residents will vote on Special Election Measure A, a one percent sales tax increase, Tuesday. The tax increase is meant for the city's general fund.  

Corcoran City Council Member Jerry Robertson said this proposal is the city's last resort after a county-wide tax increase, Measure-H, failed twice last year.

"The situation has become so dire with finances for many many reasons over the course of many many years. In order to maintain a sustainable city government we have to do something. We have done everything short of having this tax measure," he said. 

He said the city needs this extra bit of money.

"We want to stay independent and want to make our own determinations. But, if we don't have any money then you become insolvent and the budgets we have right now are unsustainable," said Robertson.

Born and raised in Corcoran, Stella Martinez said she will vote yes on Measure A.

"If it's going to help the city be a better place for kids to grow up then why not," she asked.

She said the one percent tax increase benefiting the general fund should be an easy answer.

"A penny is a penny. You throw penny in the streets so why not let it go towards helping the city," said Martinez.

The city needs only a simple majority to pass.

Kings County Fire Marshall Brandon Jones said any addition to the general fund for the city means a better quality of life for residents.

"Makes it safer for everybody. It gives it more staffing on scene sooner to handle emergencies in a more effective manner," he said.


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