Corcoran State Prison staff stop two riots Tuesday morning

COCORAN, Calif. - Corcoran State Prison staff stopped multiple large-scale riots in the facility Tuesday morning, officials said.

Around 110 members of custody staff responded to a series of violent incidents -- stopping a one-on-one fight between inmates that led to concurrent riots in two different areas.

The fight started at 7:19 a.m. during the morning meal when two inmates began to fight. Prison staff ordered the inmates to stop fighting and get down. Staff utilized less-than-lethal direct impact rounds to stop the fight, officials said.

As responding staff initiated the escorts of the involved inmates, approximately 40 to 50 inmates began to riot inside the housing unit, officials said. Custody staff utilized multiple less-than-lethal force options to quell the riot, including chemical agents and additional direct impact rounds.

At the same time, approximately 60 to 70 inmates in the eastside recreation yard responded with a riot that required the involvement of nearly 100 officers, officials said.

Responding staff restrained all involved inmates, processed the crime scene and collected evidence, officials said.

It took officers 20 minutes to resolve all incidents, and three inmate-made weapons were recovered.

Four inmates who required medical attention were treated by prison medical staff. Two inmates were also transported to an area hospital after sustaining head trauma, officials said.

No staff members were injured.

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