Convicted child molester to be released on transient status in Fresno

FRESNO, Calfornia - A convicted child molester may be released on transient status in Fresno in six weeks, a judge said Thursday.

Jeffrey Snyder has been seeking residence in Fresno County for months to no avail.

The judge said this wasn't the preferred outcome, but since Liberty Healthcare hasn't found suitable housing yet, he is "reluctantly" doing this.

Transient status means that Liberty Healthcare will select a handful of locations -- likely motels -- which they will move Snyder to and from every four days.

He will be monitored by GPS and three retired police officers 24/7.

"He will be in, I guess, quasi-custody mode even out here. It's not like he can go where he wants to, he can stroll around -- no. He will not be able to do that," said Curtis Sok, Snyder's defense attorney.

Liberty Healthcare will provide all transportation for Snyder. He will have various doctor appointments he'll need to go to.

Meanwhile, permanent housing will continue to be sought.

Each time a location was selected for Snyder to live, public outrage from the neighborhood caused the location to be withdrawn from consideration.

At one point, Snyder was considered for a mobile home in Squaw Valley, but when the news came out, the trailer was burned to the ground.

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