Congressman Nunes helping president transition

Tulare, Calif. - President-elect Donald Trump is calling on one of the Valley's congressman to be a part of the team that helps him transition into office. Today President-elect Trump announced Republican Congressman Devin Nunes from Tulare would be a part of the executive committee for the transition team.

Congressman Nunes says there is a lot of work to be done before President-elect Trump takes office on January 20th and he's honored to help make some big decisions.

Congressman Nunes who chairs the House Intelligence Committee is the only local politician on the 16 member Presidential Transition Executive Committee.

Nunes says he believes Trump understands issues facing people in the Valley and especially water issues for Central Valley Farmers.

"I've never done this before so it's new for me also and my guess is because of my role with national security and being a senior member on the tops in trade and health care committees that is why they wanted me there what I want to look for is to try to give an honest assessment of each candidate to look for people that are number one qualified and steeped in the issues but also number to want to implement the president's vision," said Nunes. 


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