Comparing this year to the "March Miracle" of 1991

How does our current snow pack and rainfall stack up?

March has definitely come in like a lion but could it have what it takes to makeup for what has been a dry season up to now?

"Of the 10 wettest months on record, 3 of them, of the top 10, have been in March." says Alan Hofmann with the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District.

"Back in 91, in a number of the basins, water was actually out in the streets."

Hofmann remembers well the historic month that was March of 1991, the month that coined for many what we now call "miracle March" or the "March miracle".

And this year, at least to this point, has been a near mirror image of that 91 season.

"If we were to get it that would be a lot of rain and we would be scrambling to keep it all."

That March of 1991 has gone down in the record books as the third wettest month in Fresno's recorded history.

But how would our infrastructure hold up if we were to get a March miracle situation like back in 1991, or even just a few years later in 1995?

"We have much better infrastructure today to be able to handle 7 inches in  a 30 day period."

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