Community unites after unexpected tragedy strikes Madera County family

A blue tarp is what has replaced the wall of the garage where 11-year-old Luis Lopez slept with his nine-year-old brother Mathew Lopez when a pickup truck lost control and crashed into the converted garage, Saturday morning.

The incident that occurred on Road 37 and Cloverleaf Ave. in Madera county killed the driver of the vehicle and Tito and injured his brother who was released from Valley Children's Hospital on Sunday.

"Luis was a nice young man always polite and courteous."

Mansel Trimble is a priest at Golden Valley Baptist Church located across to the street from where Luis lived and says the memory of  Tito will live on.

"To me, it was heartwarming to see the kids having fun riding bikes kicking a ball," Trimble said.

The incident has caused an outpouring of support from all over the Central Valley.

"In particular the community, there is a go fund me account there is also another page coordinating meals and the church have done some things as well," Trimble said.

The tragedy was a cruel reminder on how life can change in the blink of an eye for classmates and teachers of Luis at Webster Elementary School in Golden Valley Unified School District.

"What happened over the weekend is something that no family should have to endure."

Andrew Alvarado superintendent at Golden Valley says it is crucial to show their support to the family and their students.

"We basically set up three teams and those teams went out to the intermediate classes and just let them know we had staff available to support their grieving process," Alvarado said.

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