Clovis residents upset over placement of proposed apartment complex

CLOVIS, Calif. - New plans for a vacant lot in a Clovis neighborhood are causing some concern.
The City of Clovis said a new apartment building will go up on the corner of Temperance and Bullard.

Officials said the area was always envisioned as a multi-family living development.
But some residents are not happy about it.

The main concern is the access points to the apartment complex, once built.
Right now, resident said the developer's plans are to have flows of traffic from the apartments onto their residential streets.

"I always knew there was going to be apartments there but we never had any idea that they were going to dump out into our residential area," Jerry Smith said.

Smith has lived in home for more than 10 years. He moved in right when the homes in the area were built.
But now he's frustrated with the City of Clovis' plan to build an apartment complex near his home.

"I'm concern because they're going to have 170 more vehicles coming in this 80 apartment complex leaving and coming in the morning and night," Smith said.

And he's not alone in his frustration.

"We're more concerned about the traffic for the kids, we have little kids around here and want to keep it safe for them," Tom Abshere said.

The City said for at least 20 years the lot has been designated for multi-family development.
It said the purpose of the access points leading into the residential area is to include the apartments as part of the neighborhood.

"We think it's a good idea to provide a variety of residential types within neighborhoods so that various folks can participate, they can use our parks facilities, they can use the schools, but they don't have to live in just one type of residential unit to do that," Dwight Kroll, planning director for City of Clovis, said.

The City said building apartments into residential neighborhoods is pretty common, but one resident said he's not waiting around to see how things turn out.

"Right now I'm close to retirement and this is my investment right here," Steve Hopelian said.  

Hopelian said his house has sat on the market for nearly 33 days but hasn't had any takers, he believes because of the apartments.

The residents are planning an appeal, they have until June 16 to file. The cost, $1,125.

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