Clovis Police say WinCo employee sold alcohol to minor

Operation recruits teens over 18 to attempt to buy alcohol at Clovis stores

CLOVIS, Calif. - Clovis Police are on the lookout for businesses that are selling alcohol to minors. CPD calls it a Minor Decoy Operation and police say an employee at the WinCo on Peach and Ashlan Avenue sold beer to an underage teen which is a misdemeanor.

Officers sent three different decoys to attempt alcohol purchases Thursday night. The minors were required to show their real identification and were all at least 18 years old but not of drinking age.

Clovis Police say the teens tried nearly 40 stores and two failed but police say they were shocked at a major grocery store breaking the law.

"Which isn't for me the norm. When I started doing this, you're thinking it's going to be liquor stores and little hole in the wall places, not a commercialized grocery store but it happens. We wish when we came out, we had no violations at all. That would be a perfect day for us," said Corporal Jared Binford of Clovis Police.

Binford says the Save Mart at Folwer and Herndon also failed. He says any store that sells alcohol can face fines and suspensions.

The WinCo staff declined to comment as the manager was not available. But the acting supervisor says the employee who sold the beer was sent home.

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